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12/2021 - Wolff, S.; Weber, F.; Kerpen, J.; Winklhofer, M.; Engelhart, M.; Barkmann, L. (2021): Elimination of Microplastics by Downstream Sand Filters in Wastewater Treatment. Water 33. (Link)

11/2021 - Bitter, H.; Lackner, S. (2021): Fast and easy quantification of semi-crystalline microplastics in exemplary environmental matrices by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). Chemical Engineering Journal 423. (Link)

11/2021 - Lecture: L. Barkmann: Microplastic load on sealed surfaces – a methodical approach. Webkonference Microplastics in Soils and Plants. iTN+IOT.

03/2021 - Bertling, J.; Bannick, C. G.; Brinkmann, L.; Barkmann, L.; Braun, U.; Knoblauch, D.; Kraas, C.; Mederake, L.; Nosić, F.; Philipp, B.; Sartorius, I.; Schritt, H.; Stein, U.; Wencki, K.; Wendt-Potthoff, K.; Woidasky, J. (2021): Compendium on Plastics in the Environment. (Link)


12/2020 - Prof. Dr. Jutta Kerpen, Hajo Bitter and 33 further authors (2020): Analysis of Microplastics - Sampling, preparation and detection methods. Status Report. (Link)

12/2020 - Wolff, Sebastian; Weber, Felix; Kerpen, Jutta; Winklhofer, Miriam; Engelhart, Markus and Barkmann, Luisa (2020): Elimination of Microplastics by Downstream Sand Filters in Wastewater Treatment. Water 2021. Nr. 13(1). (Link)

11/2020 - Hajo Bitter & Susanne  Lackner (2020). First quantification of semi-crystalline microplastics in industrial wastewaters. Chemosphere 258. (Link).

06/2020 - Participation: Roland Becker, Korinna Altmann, Thomas Sommerfeld, Ulrike Braun (2020): Quantification of microplastics in a freshwater suspended organic matter using different thermoanalytical methods – outcome of an interlaboratory comparison. J. Anal. Appl. Pyrolysis 148. (Link


10/2019 - Lecture: Bitter, Hajo (20.04.2019): "Quantification of semi-crystalline microplastics in industrial wastewaters using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)". 11th Micropol & Ecohazard Conference 2019 mit dem Thema: Research on emerging micropollutants associated with water, wastewater, surface and groundwater. Seoul, Südkorea.

04/2019 - Lecture: Dr. Kyriakos A. Eslahian (11.04.2019): „Sustainable turbidity controls mimicking oil-in-water emulsions by the use of polymer particles“.  Partec. Nürnberg.  

04/2019 - Lecture: Prof. Dr. Jutta Kerpen (01.04.2018): "Microplastic - Origin and Occurence in Water and Waste Water" am CMQ, Konferenz. Evreux. 


08/2018 - News: "EmiStop –   Joint research project to identify and avoid micro-plastic in waste water". (29.08.2018). (Link)

06/2018 - Press: Envirochemie: „EnviroChemie leads new microplastics research project” (29.08.2018). (Link)

02/2018 - Dr. Eva Gilbert (2018): “Joint research project EmiStop – analysis of microplastic in industrial wastewaterstreams”. In: Water Solutions. No. 02/2018. S. 61-63.

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